This is Prometeo



Prometeo is an Adult Education Provider and was born in 2001 in Italy. We have 18 stable members with 55 teachers and consultants from Universities and Secondary schools. Around 400 learners.


Our activities cover different sectors as Distance Learning Education and Smart Working, Environment and new Tech in agriculture: Agro-food Industries, Professional Skills for Managers, Economics and Financial Education, Youth, Health care, Tourism and Eco-professions, Women at Work, Social Inclusion, Employment and Integration for Migrants. We realised projects at the European, National and Regional levels as activities for adult migrants surveys with the Italian Ministry of Interior, Regione Calabria about Minor Migrants, a second about the Environment in South and Central Italy.



Youngs: with a 4.3 project in 2010 in Reggio Calabria, project “Let’s Know” for a creation of a strong network between Mediterranean countries. We promote cultural exchanges and social integration for young adults and professionals living in cross-border regions like Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia, for the promotion of the principles and European Identity of the European Union, and the Youth Employment cooperation.

Adults: SALTO training course for staff members during 2009-13 about “Mediterranean Environment, Review and Methodologies to Teach”, on 2010-2014 “Intercultural Training against Racism for a Welcoming Policy in Education” to mix environmental care and welcoming policies for migrants, on 2010-2015 courses about “Professional Skills in Managerial Education for Universities and Schools”.


Prometeo is recognized by the Ministry of Labour as an organisation fighting against Racism and for the Integration of Migrants, recognized by the province of Reggio Calabria as an organisation involved in Environmental Education; recognized by the Ministry of Education as a Provider of Education for School staff members as Teachers, Headmasters; recognized by the Regione Calabria and Sicily as a Certified Centre for VET Education. 

In the Regione Calabria, we provided Adult education, general secondary education, and Vocational Education in Sport, e-Business and Computing. We got a QA System ISO 9001:2000/2008 Quality Certification in our Centre in Taurianova, Calabria, from 2006.

E+ experience

We have experience in projects for Youth, Adults and VET in cooperation with neighbour countries in the framework of the Erasmus+ program. They gave us the motives to propose projects as leaders or partners for the training (practical and theoretical) of different issues, to assist the future generations with professional orientation and to propose sustainable and immediate work positions and ways of facing environmental and social problems to daily lifestyle implementation covering even the European standards and identity.

In-Service Training

In Berlin, 2009 we realised (a) Intercultural education to fight racism, (b) Youth-in-Action project, 2014 named “Employability for All”, (c) partner in a Grundtvig LP, 2012-2014, named “Memory Boxes”, (d) a Leonardo da Vinci project with Germany, Portugal and Turkey organising KA1 courses as in Rome as in Florence, (e) Vocational Training and education, recruitment and selection as far as we are a leader in the e-assessment process for informal, non-formal activities and eLearning; (f) we work to promote and provide professional training and personal development opportunities for adults, seniors and young people, especially those that need to upskill to be employed or to upgrade their career-enhancing digital skills and fostering smart working methods


Our courses during 2007-2014 were about Mediterranean Environment under the Grundtvig In-service Training, then in the Regione Calabria Prometeo was named as INFEA Centre for the General Education and Information about Environment funded in the period 2004-2006.


FEES – Financial Education for Educators




EDSI – Education for Deeper Social Integration

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