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Products of the Project

Output Nr 1


Output Nr 2


Output Nr 3


OWN, IO#1 Set of Instruments for PE trainers working with blended, mixed adults groups


OWN, Set of instruments for PE trainers working with adults


OWN, Learner’s Guide: from being a learner to being an owner


The project aim is to build a strategic partnership to adopt the on-the-job practical training methodology into individualized adult learning in Practice Enterprise (PE) and to integrate and combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience in VET curricula so that adults would be enabled to develop attributes and skills for small or individual business creation and management.

The methodology applied in the project will promote the PE concept in an innovative way: VET education and business synergy and the creation of appropriate conditions for the interaction of trainers/practices organizers, learners and business. There are many specialities in VET initial and continuous education, such as cooks, bakers, masseurs, manicurists, hairdressers, confectioners, accountants, beauticians, nursing workers etc., that graduates would like to build their business, but lack of confidence, support or specific knowledge stop them.

The project idea is connected with PE methodology adaptation for adults, learning in VET – potential business creators. The project objectives and expected results are oriented to new innovative pedagogies developing learning-outcomes curricula that meet the learning needs of learners whilst also being relevant to the labour market as PE is a proven model for practical business and entrepreneurship training that helps learners to overcome the challenges of the labour market and competitive economy by putting their skills into action. The PE prepares learners for their eventual entry into the real world of work. It puts the theory they’ve learned in the lecture hall to practice in a work-based environment.

The objectives

To provide VET learners, teachers and the community with a thorough understanding of the factors affecting and skills favouring learners’ entrepreneurship through the development of pedagogical material for future business creators.

2. To develop VET teachers’ pedagogical approaches which can be used for new VET interested in implementing a work-based PE model for individualized, blended adult learning.

3. To foster VET learners to get aware, verify and continuously improve their level of entrepreneurship skills through the development of a new PE model that fit in well with adult lifestyles and learners’ skills self-evaluation too 4. To improve the VET curriculum/modules by updating its content according to the needs of the labour market and the strategy of the VET institutions in initial and continuous adult education.

Activities and results

Comparing existing material, information, documents for PE (programs, level of skills, work organization, demand from labour market, employer connection, mentor companies, company visits both ways, needs by the companies, needs by curricula, needs from the general labour market in the EU and nationally, etc.) with the main focus on adults training how to work for yourself and own a small business.

2. Creation of IO1: Set of Instruments for PE trainers working with blended, mixed adults groups, explaining how to work in PE with blended adults: diversity of ages, specialities, nationalities, initial education, social and professional status, as the AET is the most diversified area of education.

3. Creation of IO2: Learners Guide: From being a Learner to Being an Owner with a description of all phases of how to become an owner.

4. Sharing of good practices on adults’ assessment tools and creation IO3: Entrepreneurial Skills Self-Evaluation Box for individualized adults’ skills evaluation, combined with EntreComp competencies levels.

5. Development of IO4: Recommendations for improvements in learning module(s) /curricula of different AET programs in initial and continuous VET learning, according to the need of different learning programs (cook, baker, masseur, manicurist, hairdresser, confectioner, accountant, beautician, nursing worker etc.,).

5. Exchanges of trainers – learning abroad.

6. Creation/reorganization of PE in involved VET schools.

7. Testing of Intellectual outputs with learners, trainers, and other stakeholders during round tables and collected feedback incorporation.

8. Creation of a publication of good practice examples of PE in adults’ education with tips, and recommendations.

Target groups

1. Adults (from 18 years) in initial or continuous VET education; 2. VET Trainers/teachers; 3. Practices organizers/AET institutions/ PE networks.

The partnership consists of 6 partners

Lietuvos imitaciniu bendroviu asociacija LIBA, Lithuania



Vocational Education and Training Centre Zirmunai, Lithuania

EPRALIMA_Escola Profissional do Alto Lima, C.I.P.R

Association PROMETEO, Italy