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+39 06 233 225 379

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+39 0965 1816084

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via Augusto Valenziani, 12 – 00187 Roma, ITALY

Operative Places

via Augusto Valenziani, 12 – 00187 Roma, ITALY

via Santo Spirito, 13 – 00073 Castel Gandolfo, ITALY

via Ugo Ferrandi, 3 – 28100 Novara, ITALY

VAT and Fiscal code – 02143380802

Prometeo in New Mexico

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Didactical Tools

Adult Education in Italy

Country Report on Action Plan on Adult Learning: Italy

Laws for Adult Learning in Italy

Professional Training in Italy

Teamwork & Leadership

Paper presentation on non-Verbal Communication


Non-Verbal Communication

Educational Administration, concepts and practices

Leadership Supervision Co-Leadership

Coaching Skills

Team Building


Dream from the project “nessuno uguale, nessuno diverso”

One, from the project “nessuno uguale, nessuno diverso”



Education for All in Annecy


Economic Literature as a Result of Experience

Gaining & strenghtening soft skills for employment


Education for All

Building European Methods


Memory Boxes

Education 21st Century

Fight against Racism & Intolerance

Meeting in Dresden from the Leonardo da Vinci project